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1) Are these the same Social Bookmarking backlinks SEO experts say you should get?

Yes. These are quality, one way backlinks across a huge spectrum of domains, IPs, themes and communities

2) Are these backlinks, safe and white hat?

Yes. Post Panda / Penguin, BookmarkingBeast is one of the best natural, white hat methods to use. Simply enter your webpages, and we will use the meta information provided which will ensure excellent diversity for your backlinking, while still encompassing your keywords.

3) Do you replace submissions that get deleted?

Yes, as long as you are a member we will replace any dead sites that fall below the amount you are to receive. We over deliver so this shouldn't be an issue.

4) What if I cancel, will my links be deleted?

They are "permanent" backlinks so they will never be deleted by us. You can cancel at any time.

5) Will this help my Organic Search rankings?

Yes. We recommend inputting your social bookmarking backlinks into in order to get the full benefit of the service. By obtaining thousands of social bookmarking backlinks you will be diversifying and improving your backlink portfolio whether for your personal websites or clients.